Girls and skis
Summer Skiing
Summer Skiing
Bikini Ski Bunny
Vintage Female Bikini Skier in Fur Hat, 1960s Vintage, Original Encaustic Wax Art
Vintage Female Skier in Swimsuit
Leap of Faith
Vintage Female Skier Olympic Gold 1952, Andrea Lawrence, SnowBasin Utah
Ski Utah
Ski Utah
Ski Utah
Ski Utah
The Lift Goes On
The lift
Nostalgic kis
The Kiss
The Kiss
The Kiss
The Fisherman
Old Barn
Old Barn Diptych
Mending fences
Dear Harry
2016-05-27 19.34.10.jpg
Love Letter to my sons
2016-05-27 19.35.50.jpg
How to Care For Your Encaustic Wax Painting
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