Welcome to my website. I live in the mountains of the Wasatch Range north of Salt Lake City, Utah where the four seasons continue to keep the view forever in flux. I’m fortunate to have my studio surroundings in a serene, private and meditative space. I can simply walk out into my yard and see the distance horizon or become myopic and catch sight of a glistening spider web. For me, the inspiration is boundless and helps focus my riot of imagination and centers me onto the propinquity of making art.

 Watercolor and ink

Watercolor and ink


I have been occupied in various creative activities since I can remember, from creating mosaics from bits of found objects to painting and sculpture and photography. 

I received a BFA (fine arts degree) after completing an AA in graphic arts where many elements of design, art, photography and digital imagery merged. I believe you can see the result in the variety of my compositions, each imbued with a strong graphic sense. I’ve taken numerous workshops through the years to enhance and improve my skills. These tools have helped me direct my creative interest and I take great pride in doing my best quality work always looking toward improvement at every stage.

When I’m feeling the need to relax and just enjoy the art process I create water creatures, some from the realm of fantasy but always toward an eye for lightheartedness and never too serious themes. I’m inspired by nature, particularly the movement of the ocean and sea and its diversity and watercolor and ink are a perfect marriage in the process. My compositions are an expression of my love of color and how it sets the tone in a composition. As an artist and an art teacher, I have been fortunate to explore and experiment with a wide range of media from watercolor, oil & acrylic to Encaustic wax.

Many of my inspirations on paper begin with a wash of color or sprayed ink, then the line drawings adding color to develop and continue a narrative through the movement of shapes and lines. Often a mermaid begins to swim across the paper, sometimes a sea turtle or sea horse appear and almost always an imaginary, undersea biosphere of life swirls around the main theme.

There is a subtle excitement, joy and contentment for me that come from creating these compositions and the harmony that the combination of shapes and colors create. I hope when you look at my art that you might feel something of the same experience.

I offer my my watercolor pieces on my Etsy shop in archival prints using Epson Ultra Chrome pigment inks, high quality archival paper, and printed with a professional Epson printer. Together, this creates an archival print guaranteed to last up to 200 years if properly cared for (see instruction here: https://www.loreenpitchford.com/blog/. Purchase here

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 This encaustic wax piece is a collage with images, wax, and paint in an effort to create a narrative in the passages of wax and media.

This encaustic wax piece is a collage with images, wax, and paint in an effort to create a narrative in the passages of wax and media.

The encaustic hot wax process is a spontaneous medium where hot wax is applied to gessoed wood panels. It is typically layered to create more opaque, or more translucent effects, and can be combined with colored wax or collage materials (like photos or paper). Each layer of wax can also be scraped, textured or polished for a variety of finishes.

How to care for your Encaustic Painting

 The methodical process of melting the wax, mixing the colors and knowing it came from thousands of bees going about their business makes encaustic wax art very enjoyable.  Catching a hint of sweet smell from the natural bees wax, brushing the molten wax onto the birch panels and watching it cool to the beautiful transparent surfaces creates a calm and restful mood as I coax a story from the material and the found images.

Oil Paintings

Growing up in the West filled with romantic narrative and iconic imagery from the trailblazing pioneer to the spaghetti westerns are themes I enjoy creating. I like adding a modern graphic design to my oil paintings of western characters making them feel current and provide entertainment and humor to iconic images from the 60s.   

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