Born in Utah, Loreen has spent time living in California, Wyoming, and Nevada and has made a return to her Utah roots and now lives in the Wasatch Range where the changing seasons provide an abundance of inspiration. From the bucolic, rural areas in the surrounding mountains and foothills in northern Utah to the drier deserts of southern Utah where immense sandstone and rock mountains rise to breath taking heights, Loreen is grateful to have so much abundance of beauty to inspire her. She says that “I often step out of my studio and into the garden where I can watch the many birds nesting and singing. The squirrels are so quick scurrying between the trees, busy gathering food and chittering among themselves. We have wild turkeys, quail, skunks, pheasants, deer, elk and one year a bob cat came to the edge of our forest looking for food. She cried in the night and woke us thinking it was a women in distress. There was a lot of snow on the ground and a deer carcass lying on the upper terrace. She was crouched low, growling to warn us as we approached. She stayed until little was left of the carcass and her night howling was unnerving. We are so fortunate to live in this enviorment. The abundance of life is amazing. We have so many wild things raising their young in the forest on the edge of our property. It is so peaceful and relaxing and to have the time to slow down and enjoy the tranquility is immensely satisfying”. From the causal walks in her yard to hiking the mountains or walking the sea shore, Loreen says she is forever delighted by the visual wonders of this amazing world.

At an early age Loreen showed a strong interest in the arts and has been occupied in various creative activities as long as she can remember. To pursue her love of painting she felt she needed formal training to refine her technical skills. While working as a consultant she began pursuing a Graphic Arts degree and went on to receive a Fine Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The two types of art have merged in her work as elements of design, photography and digital imagery continue to influence the variety of her compositions. At UNR she received several scholarships and awards in recognition of her work and after graduation she volunteered as a docent for a number of years at the Nevada Museum of Fine Art. During this time she continued her consulting contracts with several Nevada County’s that kept her days busy. In 2009 political influences stopped funding the project she had been working on for the past years. She moved back to Utah, bought a home in the foothills and constructed an art studio and began to practice her painting and artistic endeavors full-time. She has continued taking classes and workshops to enhance and improve her skills.

Her work showcase her love of layering and experimentation with shape, repetition and texture. Her compositions are often an expression of her interest in color and how it sets the tone in a painting. As an artist and teacher, she has explored and experimented with a wide range of media from watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylic to Encaustic wax.

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Vintage photograph encaustic art

Encaustic Wax art - The Kiss

Clint Eastwood from ‘Hang em High’, Purchase here: UTAHN


The encaustic hot wax process is a spontaneous medium where hot wax is applied to gessoed wood panels. It is typically layered to create more opaque, or more translucent effects, and can be combined with colored wax or collage materials (like photos or paper). Each layer of wax can also be scraped, textured or polished for a variety of finishes.

After taking a workshop in encaustic wax, Loreen set about practicing her new found skills. She says that the melted bees wax not only warms the studio but the smell of honey from the hot wax is an added bonus.

Growing up in the West, Loreen enjoys creating romantic narrative and iconic imagery from the trailblazing pioneer to the spaghetti westerns. She often adds a modern graphic design to her oil paintings of western characters making them feel current and provide entertainment and humor to iconic images from the 60s.

Oil Paintings

Loreen sells her watercolor and mixed media artwork here: Watercolor


One of the mediums found to be a constant companion is watercolor. She says its is easy to carry a small kit with her when she travels and the practice is one of her favorite art endeavors. Because of its translucent qualities and ability to bleed and blend in a way unlike acrylic, oil or wax, the watercoloring process teaches her to have patience and charges her imagination. A friend asked her to create a mermaid for her and watercolor seemed to be the perfect medium. This launched her process of creating the many mermaids, sea turtles, sea horses and water biosphere watercolor and ink artwork which have been a cornerstone of her practice. She says she can rely on watercoloring to jump start any lull in her creativity.